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This page is created for Webcam models. See the link to the Forum, and read here why we created this forum and why you should visit it.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Cam Girl Notes - The Forum!

Go check this forum out!
Cam Girl Notes - The Forum!

It is a forum created for Webcam models...see below why we created this forum and why you should visit it.

Why did we create this forum for cam-girls?

To Answer What Need?

Well, we did this mainly to create a central web-site for collecting information on the growth of the video chat industry in Europe – an industry that employs mainly students as “studio cam-girls” and "cam-guys" more often than it does independent “freelance” models. But all men and women are welcome here.We aim to make it possible for you to exchange information, tips and points of view across national borders and studio doors within Europe -but also world wide with your peers and competitors in Asia, Latin and North America.


Because it has become clear that most studio cam girls know next to nothing about the global industry that employs them, and must rely on their Studio management to supply their access to the internet and email. As a result, your communications are subject to constant surveillance and monitoring by your Administrators. We hope that we can do something here to remedy both your lack of information and the absence of a secure channel of communication.

For a few months now, we have been looking at the various ways Cam/girls in this industry communicate among themselves across different countries, studios, and web sites... On some of the largest video chat websites there are actually official web site forums – i.e. chat-rooms sponsored by Web site management like the official forums on or where there are forums for clients, and cam girls. The problem is these forums are administered by management and monitored by them.

Others are websites run by web cam girls for themselves independently of the studio web pimps such as And others are even more informal – the networks established between Romanian cam girls who became friends in the studios and who stay in touch long after they have changed countries or web-sites.

There seems to be quite a lot of this informal communication going on for instance, on MyFreeCams ( ) where the girls regularly visit each others rooms just to chat when things get quiet, or to observe one another’s way of working in order to get tips about how to improve their own performance style – i.e. information about how the top girls get to be on top of the rating ladder. They are also spying on girls who are suspected of breaking the rules governing free shows in free chat - that might undercut the others who play by the rules…

All of this activity is a hopeful sign because it addresses a big problem – the lack of any means for models to communicate with each other across the rooms that are located in different studios in different cities and countries.

This lack has some interesting consequences.

First, cam girls on this site only seem to learn about other the network and other cam-girls through what they hear from the customers they both serve. The clients – especially your fans and online friends - become their communication link and carry real news about the network to which the girls all belong - buried within the gossip we spread. Of course, it simply amazes us that most of the studio cam-girls hardly seem to know anyone outside of their own studio - even though they all work for the same web-sites.

It seems inconceivable to us that the only people who are free to navigate up and down this sex network are either clients or the bosses’ agents - but never any of the girls or guys. So we hope to provide you with a means to be in touch.

This is because their web-sites are generally not accessible from within the cam-girls’ own country as a matter of personal security. But studio models are so isolated from each other that they know next to nothing about the pay-scales, working hours or studio conditions in the different countries that are all part of the same global, commodity chain.

Since models are all competing for the same clients’ dollar (or more accurately the same nickels and dimes), camgirls don't trust each other and seem ready to believe the worst about each other – accepting even the most egregious kinds of disinformation...

So the Americans and Canadians despise the "Romanian web-studio slaves" while the Czechs and Slovaks resent the Canadians for being over-paid "studio pets...” And so on and so on, it goes.

And as long as it does, the web-pimps and studio bosses can keep cam-girls isolated and play them against one another at will. Meanwhile the web-pimps are left free to pursue a relentless race to the bottom where they are all seeking to identify local ‘service providers’ who occupy the lowest possible rung on the global wage ladder like some of the Moldavian, Filipino or Ukrainian studios do.

So we hope that you will make an effort to talk to one another and learn from each other. And that’s why we are here at cam-girl-notes.